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Our People

We stay true to our convictions. Our character is based on our word to you. We’ve always been taught, just say what you’re going to do and then deliver. People usually look to a company that has the same values as they do. Products may come and go, but real down-to-earth trust is earned in our book. Thanks to you, our customer, our business was built one handshake at a time, and we aim to keep it that way. While our promise might not seem like much, it means a great deal to us and we take every word to heart.

Manufacturing Quality

J-Craft works to constantly improve our manufacturing quality so that each customer receives the most well-designed, built, and most performance-driven product in the industry. We implement both the 80/20 principle and lean manufacturing principles into our manufacturing processes.

These strategies eliminate waste and provide better value to J-Craft customers in the form of higher-quality products and shorter lead times. J-CRAFT’s investment in the latest manufacturing technologies, as well as a team of highly-skilled engineers and certified welders, ensures that each product is manufactured at the highest quality level possible.

New product development is at the forefront of J-CRAFT’s manufacturing model, setting the stage for better, more innovative products in the future. In 2021/2022 we built all-new installation facilities with top-of-the-line tools and bays.

We also implemented an all-new paint process with brand new equipment to continue delivering the best finish paint around. J-CRAFT offers our customers custom paint options with superior rust prevention.


J-CRAFT is committed to the responsible protection and use of the world’s critical resources and delivering commercially-viable solutions to our customers. It is important to us to implement ongoing efforts to create a leaner, more efficient operational footprint.

J-CRAFT manufacturing facilities recycle steel/stainless, aluminum, plastics, and cardboard packaging. Water treatment includes removing all heavy metals and chemicals, and steel shot from the blast booth within the paint system is reused. J-CRAFT also continues to invest in more advanced technologies that allow for reduction in energy usage, while improving productivity.

J-Craft Environmental Policy


TBEI – J-CRAFT is a fixture in our community, providing high-quality employment opportunities in South Central Minnesota. We are proud to do our part in promoting a healthy business climate and supporting our local community. Through our ties with the Lake Crystal Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Greater Mankato Growth, United Way, local colleges and universities, as well as other civic organizations, TBEI – J-CRAFT continues the tradition of giving back to the local community and improving the quality of life for all area residents.

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