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J-Craft’s MAGNA Contractor Dump Bodies offer the features you need to make your business a success. With heavy-duty flooring and tailgate, single or split fold sides, and a robust understructure, the MAGNA Contractor Dump Body was designed and built to handle all the demanding tasks thrown at it day-in and day-out.

The J-Craft MAGNA is a ruggedly-built workhorse, as well as an economical solution, with many options and accessories available for General Contractors, Landscapers, Utility, or Maintenance workers’ demanding jobs.


  • Carbon Steel (Standard)
  • AR450 or Stainless Steel (Optional)


  • Lengths: 9′ – 2-‘
  • Width: Small One Ton Bodies 87″/96″ / Larger Contractor Bodies 91″/100″
  • Side heights: 14″ Standard, Options from 12″ – 30″

Features & Options

  • 3-Way Tailgate Coal Chute(s)
  • Underbody toolboxes
  • Strobe light system
  • One piece or split-fold sides
  • Quick-drop tailgate
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